Kylpyamme Vispool Evento Individual


Evento Individual


Mentioned price is valid for bath with measures:

1750 x 750 x 620mm

Model     Capacity (L) Weight (kg)
 Evento Individual     220 130


Evento Individual:
Baths inside dimensions remain the same.


Available options for extra charge:
Bathtub is available in all RAL catalog colors.
Bath is available in 18 different granite tones.
A faucet can be incorporated in the edge of the bathtub.
The bathtub can me manufactured without overflow.

Bathtub can be equipped with HydroAir massage systems No.1.,No.2.,No.3.No.,4.,No.5.;
Bathtub can be equipped with a underwater relaxing chromotherapy lighting.
Bathtub can be equipped with underwater halogen lighting.